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Testosterone Enanthate & Propionate

It is secreted from Leydig cell of testes. It is responsible for development of secondary sex characters in boys at the time of puberty and subsequent maintenance of spermatogenesis during reproductive life of males. It produces anabolic effects.
Composition : 100mg
Indications : Primary and secondary hypogonadism, delayed puberty senile osteoporosis, carcinoma breast, hereditary angioneurotic oedema.
Contraindications : Carcinoma prostate and male breast, pregnancy, disorders of liver and kidneys.
Safety Profile : Prolonged administration at puberty may cause shortening of height, hypertension.
Adverse Effects : Acne, oligospermia, oedema, cholestatic jaundice, virilisation in females, gynecomastia in males, precocious puberty in boys, increased incidence of hepatic adenocarcinoma.
Drug Interactions : Enhanced effects of oral anticoagulants and oral hypoglycaemics. Enzyme inducers like rifampicin and phenobarbitone may increase rate of its metabolism.
Purity :Not less than 99%.
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Testosterone Enanthate & Propionate
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